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  • On 21st December 2013

Hello again, my friends. For the second time, I’d like to thank our friends from Gruit for allowing us to know about this spectrum of beers which, as you know, are elaborated in the traditional way with ancient ingredients. The theme today is something more direct and subjective. Today I want people to understand how Gruit can be THEIR beer. With capitals. THEIRS.

In this world full of stereotypes, the urban tribes or segments and social sets which they belong to, I don’t consider anything definitive given that I can integrate myself in almost any environment and feel comfortable. In this way I can say that the range of Gruit can also be interpreted in many ways and go well with anything. You only have to know what to pair with each beer.

DSC_1153You don’t have to be knowledgeable to enjoy a good beer but, if you want to get out of the everyday routine and re-enter the world anew, without jumping out of an airplane with a parachute, my advice is that you leave unproductive indecisiveness behind and start with a Gruit Blond. It’s a gentle beer, but full of flavour and body lacking in others. It is the pontiff of beers. The one chosen to leave behind the world of common flavours and enter into aspects never before explored.

We are rebels. We are non-conformists. We are what we are and nobody will tell us what we should do. And, above everything, nobody will tell us what we cannot drink. We like the name; it is sharp and looks good. It is like us; strong, it has character, it is different to the rest and we are the children of hell. Ours is the Gruit Inferno. And sure, parents will like it too. Being an old greezer doesn’t have to clash with having a taste for stronger things.

We are in a cosmopolitan bar in Barcelona at half past one pm and we want something distinctive. We want to differentiate ourselves from the white wine drinkers and the gin and tonic, which is finally falling out of fashion. Don’t worry, Gruit Wit to the rescue! Served in a white wine glass this light and creamy friend adds a touch of distinction to the table. Are we drinking something from out of this world? Not at all, but with drinking a beer which dispenses glamour in a glass, and with such a beautiful appearance, we discover a cool, new aspect of the world of liquid bread.

Many of my clients prefer toasted beers. They are travelers. They have been bar-to-bar in Belgium and have tried a few. However, they don’t end up knowing how the different styles function. They are the perfect suitors for the Gruit Bruin. It’s similar to the styles they have tasted and is slightly more distinct than the rest.

It is something new and definitively good. They like it, they drink it again and they recommend it to their friends because, that is what you do with good beers. You share them with people who are like them: people passionate for barley. Whether heavies, Officers or the Urban Guard, they are a clan, and neither the age nor condition are important. The important thing is that this toasted beer should be tasted by everybody.

Foodies. Those people who enjoy meals as they deserve to be enjoyed. Those I direct with excitement to discover the Gruit Amber. A beer which accompanies with elegance and presence the most exquisite of dishes, if allowed the opportunity. Without wine nearby, this red will give us many moments of gastronomic pleasure. We only have to allow it to irrigate our partridge, our seafood and our music dessert (a dessert with nuts). It’s a lady beer. Why content ourselves with a red wine from Somontano, if we can enjoy of art-made broth? Because it’s cultural. It’s a custom. But, my dear people, culture drinks in the new and is enriched. Culture is amplified and we open our eyes. Open your eyes and open a Gruit.

Good. I think I’ve forgotten nothing. I hope that you have captured the essence and that you are destined to come and buy one of each to discover the concept of these artisan yet modern and sophisticated beers which adhere to ancestral recipes. With delight I give you pleasure made into broth. Be good!


Eric Carranco. Birra Birrae owner and manager.