Weekly articles about gruit

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  • On 20th June 2013

a-Achillea-millefoliumThe Gruit Projects team has identified the need to energize our presence on the internet. For that reason we will start a new project based on the creation of useful and quality content. Our public is restless to know something about “gruit” and we must satisfy their curiosity. For this, through different contributors, relevant people in beer or gastronomic world, who reflect about various aspects, always from the perspective of gruit.
Perhaps there are people who don’t know exactly what gruit is. Well, it is an ancient mixture of herbs used at the Middle Ages (before appearance of hops) in beer to give taste and flavour. Also, some of these plants helped its preservation because of their properties. The main herbs of gruit are: Yarrow (achillea millefolium), Artemis (artemisa vulgaris) and Bog myrtle or Sweet Wind (myrica gale). But the farmers introduced into the composition other herbs, roots, fruits, etc, to produce unique flavours. And they could include wild rosemary, juniper, sage, liquorice, ginger, cinnamon, nut, and others.
Our audience should know that although this tradition had been practically forgotten, some countries are working to recover the old way of beer elaboration. And nowadays we find beers made from herbs in EUA, Scotland or Belgium.
But if we return to Spain, we find that Gruit Projects is conducting the task of introducing this type of drink to the mainland market. So, in order to everybody know with greater depth the world of gruit and to appreciate it as it deserves, from the last week of June we will start publishing articles in our corporate blog weekly.
For this project we will count on the collaboration of: Laura Gosalbo of Gastronomia Activa, Albert Teixidor of Taller de cocina y sabores, Nacho Terol of Eventos de autor, Xavi Sarsanedes of Katas Barcelona, Arturo Hurtado of Escuela Española de Catas and Meritxell Torras of Gruit Projects.
We want to give special thanks to all the people who collaborate with this project and day by day demonstrate sincere interest and confidence in Gruit Projects.