Barcelona Beer Festival

March 8, 9 and 10 were the chosen dates for the organization to celebrate the second Beer Festival in Barcelona, a meeting point for beer lovers. Three days when the audience could taste 302 different beer styles, some of which didn´t see the light, because the anticipation of the organization was surplus to the actual consumption. Of this total, the imported artisanal part was more or less 57% and the national occupied the remaining 43% that was around 131 beers. Of the total national beers foreground, the Catalans presented the most with 88 different styles, more than the other national beers in my opinion. But definitely, styles for all tastes and styles that in other fairs haven´t had so much presence.

My own opinion is that the beer festival has positioned itself amongst between the greats of Europe in only two years, being a young festival, with long way to go, and with some things to improve, but it will have a space on the calendar of international events from now.

The chosen place this year for the celebration, the Arena’s Dome, with capacity for 2000 people,  is an emblematic  with good and numerous services around it, and in a part of the city where the descention of great masses is easily controllable. The visitors had exceeded the 25.000 people in three days, according to the press notice which gave these numbers on Sunday at 7 pm, and more importantly doubling the assistance of the year before. I consider the Arena´s Dome an importance place to hold BBF, a space that transmits an image of quality and prestige to these kinds of events. It has been very successful on the part of the organization the continuity, improvement and increased supply of parallel events where the professional has a site to show his products, the blogger has a space to express, colloquium to exchange opinions about current topics, etc.

As I said before, the beer on offer has been very varied. The collaboration of  Gruit Projects was through two styles of the brand: Belgian blond Ale and a Belgian Bruin Ale. We took three kegs of each. We are very happy with its acceptance. Both of them finished very quickly, the blond on Saturday afternoon and the bruin on Sunday.  We hope to work in future events to offer a great selection of our products, as we consider that these kinds of beers must be present in whichever beer event.

I think that this festival is positive in all ways, and only wish to give thanks to the organization for the good times, enjoyed, and shared. And encourage it to continue in the same line of work and overcoming to make the beer festival in Barcelona a reference at European level.

Jordi Torras