Taste in the Maison Belge

Last Saturday we presented the GRUIT beers at the “Maison Belge brasserie” in Barcelona.  The chosen time for the taste was 19h. in the afternoon, so as not to coincide with the transmission of the BFC football match, that began at 20.00h.

It was like a  family reunion with some customers, appointed at the last minute, but all with a curiosity  to  know what  GRUIT is, from where  it comes, how is it elaborated, and expand their knowledge about this kind of beers.

There were three beers chosen for this tasting: WIT, BLOND and BRUIN. And this was the chosen order for the taste. We began with the WIT, a wheat beer, very soft, fresh, and flavored with spices and a gruit herbal infusion. It is an Ale “blanche”, cloudy and its flavour was slightly acidic but without perceptible bitterness. It has a good layer of foam and earthy and floral notes. The Wit is liked  because  it  is a soft beer, with low alcohol content and it captures the interest of the attendees with its lack of bitterness that  people are get used when you speak about beer.

The second tasting was the Blond, a Belgian blond ale beer with 5.5 % alcohol. It´s a blond beer, a little cloudy, made with two malts and with more body than the first. This Gruit has herbaceous and resinous notes and at the end is a little spicy.

The Bruin, was the third of the afternoon, and with this beer, it was nearly time for the beginning of the Barça match. But we had enough time to taste and to exchange impressions about its aromas, flavour and the conclusions as which were the preferred beers of all the assistants.

We were practically one hour between tasting and explanations, even though the match had begun, it didn´t ruin this moment, the social gathering, and it was nice when the tasting concluded and everyone gave their opinions and expressed their point of view.

Thanks to all the assistants and the Maison Belge for give me the opportunity to share our beers.

Jordi Torras