Nacho Terol: Gruit as a trend or style. Back to the ancient recipes and their values.

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  • On 2nd July 2013

Time flies and new styles and trends come and go…, but suddenly, between hurry and constant changes, trends from the past like Vintage come up. Classic turns into fashion.

It happens with gastronomy, too. The use of “nouvelle cuisine” elements such as nitrogen and hydrogen, the tendency to “deconstruct” all foods, cooking to 45 degrees … until one idea comes up and it “resurrects” a forgotten product or a type of processing. Then, it rises and becomes Vintage. It is the recovery of the styles from the past in our century.

This is what has happened with Gruit beer. It is an unknown beer but with a strong personality and people appreciate it. As a gastronomy expert and after lots of tastings, I can say that Gruut beers and in particular the ones from Gruit Projects are really special.

Their ingredients include aromatic plants and herbs such as Yarrow with soft sweet notes, Artemis with its bitterness or Bog Myrtle with its characteristic power, and the aromatic Rosemary.

One of the reasons why gruit was removed as a beer ingredient was the belief that these herbs were stimulating and aphrodisiac.

But the real power of these plants is that they enhance smells and aromas impossible to achieve without it. When we taste a good gin Super Premium, we identify the different herbs used to make it (juniper, cassia, cardamom, Bulgarian damask rose, elderflower or Meadowsweet…). The same happens with Gruit beers. In fact, herbs and plants are their essence.

These are beers with a strong and unique personality, different than the others because of their distinctive botanical characteristics. Every one of these beers fits with a special moment, -to enjoy by yourself or in company, while reading a book or listening to music. Beers with style are great for keeping us company during a dinner, as a good gift or to enjoy with our partner or friends.

When we get one of those beers close to our nose and we start to enjoy the first sip, different aromas impossible to find in other beers appear. These are beers to be remembered, since they provide a set of aromas in perfect balance with beer and develop unique sensations.

We find different types of beers depending on the herbs used. Soft, bitter and refreshing beers or full-bodied ones, they are worthy of a pairing with cheese or a roast, with amazing aromatic characteristics.

I would emphasize the Inferno Gruit beer. It is a complex one, with floral and spicy aromas that bring a perfect balance with extraordinary power. It is different than other beers with sweet and bitter notes (double malt, triple malt …), the Gruit Inferno shows its complexity with a slight sweetness that masks their scents. Powerful, long, balmy, with personality. Different, elegant.

Looking for new limits and gastronomic sensations we just discover Gruit Beers, which come from old tradition. And they are put in our hands with modern presentation, challenging our senses for our delight.


Nacho Terol