Gastronomic Forum of Girona

On the 24, 25 and 26 of February the “Forum Gastronòmic de Girona” took place. It is a gastronomic reference congress in Spain which happens every two years, alternating its location with “Santiago de Compostela”.

A meeting place for distributors, suppliers and producers, a site to find new products, and great professionals of pastry and cuisine. New technologies applied to cooking in all its scopes, questions and answers about new trends and new business formats, were the order of the day. Creations made by people who are architects of gastronomic revolution, governed by Ferran Adrià, and conferences and symposia performed by some of the gastronomy heavyweights of our country, were an important part of events in this forum. Also with the notable Galician presence: we could see the present direction of this Spanish zone through some chefs, such as Javier Olleros, Pepe Solla, Xosé Cannas. The world of sweets had its place in “forum del dolç” and the chocolate by way of world competition dedicated to this art as the “world chocolate master”.

Gruit beers were present in the “Gastronomic Forum” via our distributor DELICAT PLURAL, it is a company dedicated to sell gourmet and delicatessen products to professionals. Delicat is closely linked to the distribution world of select food products, gathering all those professionals and companies that have an interest in promoting aspects of gastronomy.

Gruit Projects hopes from now to begin a thriving work relationship with Delicat, and we hope that our products meet the requirements of the customers.

Jordi Torras