Gruit on Tap

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  • On 24th January 2014

Recently a unique artisanal beer arrived from Belgium to Spain, which is made from ancestral recipes based on herbs instead of hops. Gruit beers are situated in Barcelona province, where the company Gruit Projects SL works. This is why the first phase of distribution and promotion of the product was focused on Catalonian community.

In order to publicize Gruit beers in different gourmet shops, bars, restaurants and Catalonian beer houses where the product can be acquired, for the past several months it has been carried the campaign “Gruit on tour”. It´s a tour invented to offer information about the processes and history of “gruit”.

During the last months of 2013, these exclusive beers left Eastern regions and arrived to Madrid and other points of Spanish geography, extending step by step their market and scope.

Cartel Gruit On TapEntering 2014, the company Gruit Projects SL is beginning a new promotion in Barcelona city. This promotion is known as GRUIT ON TAP, its function is increasing the awareness of these artisanal beers on draught instead of in a bottle. As you know, Gruit have five different styles: Wit, Blond, Amber, Bruin and inferno.

GRUIT ON TAP is a project that will take place in different beer houses in Barcelona city during February, March and April. It will consist of each beer house offering a Gruit style of their choice at half price, on the first Saturday of each month. The same day breweries will have merchandise to raffle and to make this promotion funnier.

The breweries in which the campaign GRUIT ON TAP will be held are establishments where Gruit beers are sold now as well as others where the beers will be introduced for the first time to delight their clients. Therefore, on the  initial list are eight breweries to February promotion, this list will be  gradually increased up to  twenty breweries by April, with the possibility of this promotion  going out of the city.

The list of the establishments will be communicated and actualized on Facebook where will be able to consult the address, time, contact phone number and also the Gruit style  that will be tasted in every brewery, so that those who want to taste more than one can  prepare their particular route.