Gruit on Tour

We are starting a new project in Barcelona and province: GRUIT ON TOUR. It starts in April. This tour is addressed to the establishments where our beers are already in place to enjoy or just to taste, and for the establishments that in the near future are adding.

The tour wants to show the Gruit range and, at the same time, wants to make a little tasting. Also we speak about the concept of these beers, their history and the arrival up until our days, all in a concise and entertaining form, while we taste the five Ale styles of this artisanal Belgian beer.

We want to know these beers from a didactic viewpoint, the family of Ale beers elaborated in central Europe during the middle Ages, definitively evolved over times until our days into beer as we know.  We will never know exactly the flavor of beers in that period, but the work of brewmasters such as Annick de Splenter, worried and creative people with the desire to recuperate these old recipes, make these kind of products as a special drink full of history.

The beers that are made with this herbal mixture transmit different sensations in both, taste and aroma. The infusion of gruit mixtures creates a perfect harmony with the malts in all of their styles, trying to recreate as faithfully as possible the Belgian standards on which is based.

We hope to show GRUIT for all the beer lovers and all the people who value and appreciate a quality product.

See you soon in Barcelona!