Stars believe in Gruit

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  • On 30th October 2014

The Milky Way, galaxy in which our solar system is located, is estimated to have more or less 100,000 stars. According to Greek mythology, Hera, Zeus’ wife, created the Milky Way when she removed her breast abruptly from Hercules, Zeus’ bastard son, and her milk splashed.

From the earliest times, humanity has tried to find answers to unexplained situations, and one way to solve this problem is mythology. The Greeks began to name some stars and constellations with names from their creative mythology. This tradition has been continued throughout history, because in the Middle Ages and Renaissance astronomers continued baptizing planets, stars and constellations after names of Greek and Roman  gods and heroes. Until numerical notations replaced this tradition in the 20th century.

But this post isn’t meant to be about stars as astronomic objects that shine with their own light and form part of our celestial map. Today we are going to speak about many important star awards given to restaurants that refer to different parameters, such as quality, creativity and dedication in their dishes. Some places, such as restaurants, use one to five cultery to show quality, for example comfort and service to clients, or one to five houses when we talk about hotels.

alta cocina, cerveza artesana, maridaje con cerveza, cerveza gruiYes, you are right. We are going to talk about Michelin Stars. Stars that were born at the end of the 1920s and they developed gradually until the beginnings of the 1930s. Their classification was fixed in 1936 and even today it still remains:

  • Three stars: suggest an exceptional cooking that justified the trip.
  • Two stars: mark first class quality kind of cooking.
  • One star: assign a good restaurant in its category.

Having one or more Michelin Stars means that one restaurant is not only the best in its country, but it is also one of the best in the world. Nowadays, there are about 2,000 restaurants located all around the world that are montioned in the Michelin Guide.

And now it is when the title of our post acquires meaning, since a few months ago we began a campaign to show Gruit beers in some of the most prestigious restaurants in our country, Spain; these are the ones with the most Michelin Stars.

This idea started in Catalonia, the region in which we can carry out a direct and exhaustive work because it is the closest to us. We started the project by choosing two of the best restaurants in our country: CELLER DE CAN ROCA in Gerona and SANT PAU in Sant Pol de Mar. In both restaurants Gruit beers were warmly welcomed.

cervezas Gruit, Gruit beers, cerveza y alta cocina, estrellas Michelin, maridaje con cervezaFollowing this, after the reception of two of the greatest restaurants, we are showing Gruit beers in other Michelin starred restaurants in Catalonia. We have to say that we are happy because the reception is positive and we are sure we will see our beers shine in a lot of restaurants. At this moment, we are sure that the unique taste and flavour has fascinated the sommeliers who have tasted the beer. In a short time, we hope that our beers will be found in more Michelin Starred restaurants.

It is a pleasure for Gruit Projects team to report this. We think that joining craft beer and high cooking is a new and unexplored experience, and we want to take part in it. It is for that reason that we ask for “long life to Gruit and to the stars that make it shine”.