The Gruit in a Medieval Market in Orihuela

GRUIT PROJECTS SL would like to give thanks to Antonio Abad Salinas, the manager of “ponte una cerveza” for the proposal that he made some days ago to incorporate our beers in his stand at the Orihuela´s market, in Alicante. It is the most important medieval market in Spain and it is celebrated the first weekend of February. The historical center of town becomes a seething mass of people, stands, traders, decorative objects, food, etc, where the jugglery and other distractions are usual.

We are delighted to be involved in this kind of event and… we hope that it remains over time!!

Jordi Torras

News from the area

Medieval Market of Orihuela , 01 February of 2013

It´s an impossible mission to cross Orihuela from the ”puerta de la Olma”  in Santo Domingo to the place of the church of Santiago without  laughing. Smiles, surprises and some shocks are all that await the visitors that dare to step into the historical old center of the city this weekend and to journey back in time at least five centuries. Take care as you round the corner, because one can meet a flock of geese  on a walk, it wouldn´t be strange to have to move aside because of the arrival of a seasoned  shoeless rider  with one foot on each horse, may be you´re quietly walking around the street and a street performer picks  you out. Almost anything can happen across three kilometers of artisan stands, of sweets, incense, infusions, natural soaps, minerals, decoration objects.

The children have entertainment especially dedicated to them, play zones and attractions, flight demonstrations of falconry, and puppet theatre. The activities water the squares and  one cannot go pass half an hour  without seeing some kind of parade,  celebrating a combat or  representing a medieval fair. Orihuela is divided these days in two sides and two neighborhoods: El “zoco Arabe”( in the Santiago zone, the Carmen square, Via Manuel or Santa Justa) and the” Zona Cristiana”( from Santo Domingo to Marques de Rafal, passing through the Santa Lucia square or the Rincon Hermandiano), although the spirit is  coexistence.

The new edition of the medieval “zoco” fills the streets with the Pacto de Tudmir as the protagonist

The main novelty of the event this year is the division of the market into two thematic areas, one Arabian and the other Christian, based on the staging of the “Pacto de Teodorimo”, which this year celebrates thirteen centuries since its signing. This event is very important for the city this year, in the Heritage area will make apparent the history of the document’s singing, ensuring that the children know and understand the meaning of the pacto in the Middle Ages through activities and daily performances in Plaza Carmen.