Monograph about gruit: wake up the five senses

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  • On 29th July 2013


Gruit Projects team is beginning a new project that aims to raise awareness of beer elaborated with gruit, through the five senses. For this reason, we are organizing a monograph that is to accompany a tasting of Gruit beers with a pictorial exhibition.

Our pretension is to present gruit in a different way, through pictorial art. The work of different artists will help us to locate it in history and know its origins and, at the same time, explain what represents this unknown style, a special beer to elaborate and whose ingredients and secrets.

For this project we count on the invaluable collaboration of three painters, who have captured in his drawings and paintings different scenes, landscapes, or topics about gruit, each one with his own style and technique. They are: Tomàs Torras, with pencil drawings and charcoal techniques; Josep Vives, who uses watercolor; and Miquel Páez, who also paints in watercolor but with less figurative style.

At the same time as the exposition is on, we´ll have a little taste of Gruit beers in order to understand, with all the senses, what we have seen and learned in the retrospective. You can taste four different styles of beer elaborated with gruit, and enjoy a total of twenty paintings, all with the same format, giving you the possibility of acquiring economic copies from exhibition.

We hope that this new proposal interests people and help publicize our project from an artistic, didactic, ludic and pleasurable approach, which will involve all of our senses.

The monographic presentation will take place in the “Mostra Internacional de la Cervesa” in Llançà on August 3rd and 4th. In this demonstration, we can taste uncommon beers, those that can only be found in specialized sites or platforms of sale on line about marketing of import beers, such as “” organizer of this event. This platform, directed by Alfons Figueras, has spent many years organizing this kind of event in different places along the catalan coast like Pals, Calafell or Llançà.

In this edition, Gruit beer is not the only participate at this sampling, but will be the special guest. This is the reason why that the monographic tasting of Gruit beers will be held in Llançà, in the “Casa de la Cultura” on the 3rd and 4th of August at 7pm-8pm.

Whe hope you!