A time for a beer and every beer in their time

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  • On 6th December 2013

This will be a special entrance, as write expressly for my friends at Gruit. That means you´re reading, not in my blog (Birra Birrae) but in theirs. But let´s get to what interests us.

My kitchen knowledge is not as large as I would like, but I know about beer and how to enjoy it whilst eating. No pretension bathes this review as there are better informed people than I. There is always someone better than us in any work. In the same manner and under the same premise that there´s always something better, I want to answer a deep question that few people ask, but wise are those who do and wise is not who knows but who drinks of knowledge and becomes rich of it. You will see how I like to digress…

The question I want to answer is: Beer, when is it drunk?

Dear friends, beers are drunk whenever you feel like. If you want to drink one, you drink it. I have always said: Drink well, live better. With this, I refer to drinking good beers carefully, fondly, mindfully… So we have only one liver.

Oh, what great advice this hick has given us” you are thinking. Well, this is the short answer. In life there are two real answers, a short one and a long one. The long one is more complex and I centered on the Gruits, for the reason that it really deserves all of my attention.

Gruit BlondThe first beer I would drink in a day, if I could choose, it would be a BLOND. It is an easy beer, with body. Different nuances like a little bitterness and medium-low carbonation make it adequate to accompany the meter-long sandwiches of the lunches of my youth. It is ideal to maintain a pleasant conversation with your palate. I recommend it as the step to take towards something better and different.

In Barcelona it is not our habit to snack before eating in work days, but when Sunday is coming nobody would turn down of fried or preserved fish. In these moments we can have a beer before eating without it affecting us; it would be wise to choose a WIT. This beer accompanies snacks very well because grease is cleaned with its citric notes, and it leaves the mouth clean and prepared for another bite.

It´s getting late and it´s mealtime. We have rooted wine trends in the culture of this country, but we aren´t willing to submit to pressure. We´re brewers and we want a good beer for lunch. We have chosen the dish and we only need the drink. Our eyes light up: They have Gruit. We ask for AMBER. The basic reasoning is that we want something to accompany meat and vegetables that doesn´t kill the taste and whish isn´t overpowered by their flavour.  We speak about a beer with own character, which exercises a positive influence on the dishes it accompanies because of fruity touch and density medium-high body.

After the working day, you arrive at home, pick up your partner (or perhaps your partner picks you up), you go to the restaurant and after a good dinner, you discover with happiness delicious things on the  dessert menu : sacher cake, black forest, iced  brownie  with vanilla, catalan cream, sweet milk flan… Oh my! It’s incredible…. We have to water ourselves with something to be able to eat.  My darling, let´s ask for a BRUIN and you will see what explosion of tastes. It will be something special to mention in the office. A gastric orgasm. You will see.

I´m a person who likes good reading, it likes me after a copious dinner, a book in one hand and a cup in the other, sitting down the light of a lamp (counting with the fact that I don´t drink brandy or cognac, but I enjoy a  good drink of market character and strong taste). In an occasion like that, I suggest serving an INFERNO. How E.A.Poe would describe: In plutonic full night, while I dropped in the sweet arms of my sofa clothed with stories of my favorite writers. Step by step, I fill my lips with the nectar of the brave and finish the cup with the last paragraph.

The 5 GruitI hope, I haven´t gone on too long. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoy these five beautiful ladies that accompany five moments of the day; and I hope to see you in the next update.


Eric Carranco.  Manager and owner of Birra Birrae.