GRUIT Projects SL is the exclusive distributor for Spain, Portugal and Andorra of Belgian beers Gruut, manufactured in Ghent by Gentse Stadsbrouwerij. Gruut arrived in Spain under the name GRUIT. Brand GRUIT aims to convey the quality and the value inherent in these beers by means of both their manufacturing and their unique flavours.

Our company is located 50 kms from Barcelona, from where distribution is managed for the whole country.

Brand GRUIT was conceived for the national market, Portugal and Andorra with an eagerness to promote this Belgian beer to the status that it deserves.


GRUIT Projects SL is underpinned by a strong work ethic, high levels of motivation, the valuing of inter-company relationships and an unwavering belief in the quality of our product.

We believe in a dynamic and integrative organization which, through effective management, achieves one of our basic objectives: the loyalty of our customers and partners.

GRUIT Projects SL is committed to efficiently manage its activities and give top quality service to its customers.

With the GRUIT brand, we aim to present these “lost flavours” within the framework of a new, modern, elegant and current “look”…

GRUIT wants to be a brand with soul:

  • A name that transmits ethical values and integrity, meeting our internal quality standards.
  • An efficient and responsible service in all our decisions and actions and absolute transparency in all aspects.
  • A commitment to active communication and compromise.
  • Continual innovation in order to offer the best products to our customers.